Do you like Writing for newspapers, magazines? Do you like reading or preparing news? Do you like to be part of radio, television or newspaper?

Then we have Diploma in Journalism for you.

Rapid development scenario in the field of journalism emphasizes the importance of journalism education and appropriate training including broadcasters and social communicators, duly integrated with national development objectives incorporating social orientation. As a profession, journalism is different from other professions. There is no bar to anyone entering the profession, no matter what one's educational or professional background.


  1. Head of the dept./Director would look after the overall operations, curriculum, teaching and research
  2. Core faculty would teach the basic curriculum
  3. Visiting faculty consisting of media professionals and eminent media academicians would cover more specialized topics


  1. Developing analytical and critical thinking skills concerning the media and their messages.
  2. Honing abilities to decipher nuances of mass messages, developed through reading, writing and production through assignments and class discussions.

A Diploma level course provides a complete foundation in the subject area for those wishing to pursue a career in journalism or for those wishing to undertake graduate studies in the field of journalism. The course is career offering in nature that many jobs in various sectors both in private and government. The course will equip you with the knowledge and skills for professional entry level journalism. The course produces skilled sub-editors and reporters; it produces journalists who have the capacity to react to events and developments in the larger interest of society.

After this course, candidates will be able to critically reflect their reporting activities, including journalism's historical and contemporary role in society.


  1. News Reporter
  2. News Sub Editor
  3. Feature Writer
  4. Media Researcher
  5. News Writer for TV/Radio
  6. Creative Visualizer
  7. Proof Reader
  8. Media Planner
  9. Translator
  10. Copywriter

ELIGIBILITY: HSC (10+2) from any stream
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: (4 semesters)
3 semesters - Classroom training
1 semester - Case studies, Project work, Internship, Soft skills based modules
SESSIONS: 4 hours a day, 4 days a week
CONTENT: Free Content will be given to all the students.
ATTENDANCE: 80% attendance mandatory for appearing for tests and exams