Khyati Foundation

A 55 years old legacy of facilitating lifelong learning

Khyati Foundation is build upon the vision of our founder Mr. Kartik Patel, to create a revolutionary universe of dynamic schools and colleges that offer well-rounded education from KG to PG.

Since its inception, the foundation’s educational environment has continued to evolve and today we have emerged as trusted partners in every phase of a child’s learning journey. Thousands of students place their trust in us every year to provide superior education that helps them achieve their desired life goals.

Khyati Foundation Vision-mission

Redefine learning by setting the standard for KG to PG education in the 21st century


Hand down a new generation of bright minds every year who are remarkable contributors to both local and global communities

Core Beliefs and Values

At Khyati, we exhibit a firm belief in every student’s potential. We consistently acknowledge every student not in terms of their shortfalls, but in terms of their strengths. This approach enables our students to confidently engage in conversations and fearlessly play with ideas that shape, define and change their world.