Industrial Design (Product Design)

Introduction to Program

Product design as a discipline, is a dynamic blend of creativity and practicality aimed at crafting solutions to real-world challenges. It operates at the nexus of art, engineering, and consumer psychology, with designers striving to create objects that not only function seamlessly but also resonate emotionally with its users. This involves a meticulous process of conceptualization, iteration and refinement, guided by an acute understanding of user experience, materials and manufacturing processes. Product designers employ a diverse toolkit of skills and methodologies, from sketching and prototyping to CAD modeling and user testing, all in order to translate ideas into tangible products that captivate and inspire.

Moreover, product design transcends mere functionality, encompassing the cultivation of brand identities, storytelling narratives, and emotional connections with consumers. Designers harness the power of aesthetics, usability, and cultural relevance to imbue their creations with a sense of purpose and identity. Ultimately, product design emerges as a dynamic and ever-evolving discipline that enriches lives by shaping the world around us with thoughtfully crafted objects that reflect the essence of creativity and ingenuity.

Product design heralds an exciting gateway into the captivating world of design, where imagination converges with functionality to shape the objects that surround us. It stands at the forefront of innovation, weaving together artistry, engineering, and consumer insights to craft solutions that address real-world.


  1. User-centered design
  2. Ergonomics & Anthropometric study
  3. Design innovation
  4. Prototyping & User testing
  5. System Thinking
  6. Hands on machine learning
  7. Design trends and forecasting
  8. Research Methodology
  9. Conceptualisation & Iterations
  10. Computer Aided design
  11. UI/UX Design

Eligibility for Admission

Program Eligibility: 10+2

The candidates shall have passed or appearing the HSC examination (10+2) or any other recognized examination from any stream (Science, Commerce, Arts and Humanities) considered as equivalent by Khyati School of Design. OR The candidates holding 10+3-year Diploma approved by State Board


Technical Education or any other board/university as considered as equivalent by Khyati School of Design.


Dr. Deepika Purohit
Dr. Deepika PurohitI/C Principal
Ph.D. (Textile Design) M.L.S. University, Udaipur
Experience: 15+ Years
Ms. Viraj Dutt
Ms. Viraj DuttAssistant Professor
Bachelor’s in Fashion & Costume Design from UID, Ahmedabad
Experience: 5+ Years
Mr. Deepak Kumar
Mr. Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor
Bachelor’s in fashion Design from NIFT, Gandhinagar Gujarat and MSc fashion design from Rajasthan
Experience: 8+ Years
Ms. Bhargavi Modi
Ms. Bhargavi ModiLecturer
Bachelor’s in Textile Design from MSU, Baroda and a Master’s in Clothing & Textiles from MSU, Baroda.
Experience: 10+ Years
Mr. Resheph Christian
Mr. Resheph ChristianAssistant Professor
Resheph Christian has a Bachelor’s in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal
Experience: 9+ Years
Ms. Keyuri Bhargava
Ms. Keyuri BhargavaAssistant Professor
Bachelor’s degree in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal
Experience: 9+ Years
Ms. Jayshree Goswami
Ms. Jayshree GoswamiTeaching Assistant
Bachelor’s in Fashion and Costume Design from Khyati School of Design
Experience: 2+ Years
Mr. Jay Mistry
Mr. Jay MistryAssistant Professor
Interior design with applied architecture B-arch Running
Experience: 2.5+ Years
Mr. Jigar Patel
Mr. Jigar PatelAssistant Professor
Masters in Transportation Design Management from ISD Rubika, France and Bachelors in Transportation Design from ISD Rubika, France
Experience: 1+ Years
Ms. Akriti Agarwal
Ms. Akriti AgarwalAssistant Professor
Masters of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco California, USA AND Bachelors of Fine Arts
Experience: 3+ Years
Dr. Shikha Dashora
Dr. Shikha DashoraAssistant Professor
Ph.D. (Textile and Apparel Designing) MPUAT, Udaipur
Experience: 4+ Years
Ms. Babita Anand
Ms. Babita AnandAssistant Professor
UGC NET, MFA (Textile Design) BHU, BFA Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi
Experience: 7+ Years

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