Our Philosophy

Inspiring students to seek their own journeys

At Khyati Schools, each child is understood, cared for and guided to intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

Building on the robust GSEB & CBSE curriculum, we adopt a comprehensive approach to learning with a global perspective. Our educational philosophy is rooted in experiential learning which enables the child to acquire a diverse skill set that helps them smoothly navigate their post-school pursuits.

Khyati World School

Established in 2015, Khyati World School offers minds-on curriculum with hands-on teaching. The two most important things we aim to give our children are roots to grow and wings to fly




Pre-primary to Grade 10

Inside the Classroom

We pride ourselves in having significantly high levels of individual student attention in every classroom. We cultivate an open and accepting environment where every child is encouraged to express and is made to feel heard.

Outside the Classroom

Our lush green campus spaces and world class facilities are designed to fully stimulate the innate tendencies of creativity and playfulness in our children.

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