Ninos Pre-school

Setting up the roots for a lifetime of knowledge

At Ninos, we build a strong foundation for education with open-ended, child-directed learning. We create a safe and supportive environment that enables your newly independent child to develop and shine. Khyati Ninos pre schools franchise provider in Gujarat.

We strive to instill a sense of belonging in the child by fostering an intimate environment where they feel known, seen and heard. We stress on building a collaborative relationship that helps them explore their capabilities, encourages their interests and honours every feeling and idea.

Pedagogy & Approach

At Ninos, we practice Disguised Learning wherein we use games and other creative activities to keep your toddlers happily engaged. This way they are basically having fun and playing, unaware that they are simultaneously developing skills for complex future curriculums.

In addition to that, with purposeful play and nourishing guidance, our research-informed approaches beautifully blend the long-established wisdom of Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and also nurtures the innate talent with modern understanding.


We believe that every child is different and special. Therefore, our approach towards pre-school education is designed keeping in mind the individuality of every child. Our curriculum does not rush the child through the process of growing and learning. We patiently encourage them to develop at their own pace.

Parent Toddler Program
Helping YOU enter their fascinating world of curiosity and exploration.
Toddler Program
Engaging your child's immensely active mind with playful learning.
Nursery Program
Giving them a welcoming environment to not just grow but thrive in.
Junior Kindergarten
Offering every opportunity to help them discover and create more.
Senior Kindergarten
Preparing your child for school by turning them into lifelong learners.
Day Care & Activity Centre
Grooming them with all-round activities that engage their hearts and minds.
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