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Fostering a transformative educational environment
for students to attain a variety of goals.

In addition to engineering and design, Khyati Group of Colleges offers a host of other disciplines that open doors to various career paths.

Whether you are interested in science, healthcare or business, we are committed to providing an intellectually adventurous education that caters to students with all interests and abilities. Each course curriculum is designed to rely heavily on practical skills and professional relevance while developing academic knowledge. Find the right course for you and begin the journey of fulfilling your future study and career ambitions.

What We Offer

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World Class Facilities

We are continually investing in advancing campus facilities like equipping classrooms and laboratories with latest technologies to help you gain an expansive learning experience. We also engage our students with interactive projects, field & clinical work, internships and research, to enable them to connect theories with practice.

Top-Notch Faculty

Khyati Group of Colleges’ stimulating learning environment is made possible by it’s exceptionally accomplished breed of professors who bring their industry experience, acumen and passion into the classroom to prepare the next generation of original thinkers.

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Our diverse range of degree programmes meet the needs of a variety of learners and prepares them to think tactfully and become intellectually agile.

Bachelor of Science
Opens up the fascinating world of science for you to explore and innovate.
B.Sc Nursing and Midwifery
Develop the knowledge and attitude you need for patient care in hospitals and community settings.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Get equipped with all physical approaches needed to promote, maintain and restore physical function.
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Learn about developing, manufacturing, and supply of medications in the market.
Bachelor of Business Administration
In-depth understanding of how businesses operate and develop skills to be a business leader.
Bachelor of Computer Application
Delve deeper into the world of computer languages, programming and software development.
Master of Valuation
Get technical expertise required for valuation of land, buildings, or possessions.
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