Engineering School

Learning to leverage technology and applied science
to build a better world

Khyati School of Engineering offers a broad range of three year diploma programmes which emphasize hands-on, career-focused learning around science and technology.

Our courses integrate theoretical learning with applied experiments to ensure a coherent fundamental understanding of the basic principles of engineering that ultimately enable innovation. The curriculum is designed to help you imbibe experiential, innovative and lifelong learning skills that are advertently relevant to the current job market.

What We Offer

World Class Facilities

We have set up well-equipped, high-tech laboratories for students to test and analyze the outcomes of the theories learnt in classrooms. These experimental approximations prepare them for real-world applications.

Hands-On Field Work

We collaborate with various organizations to run a number of field trips throughout the course to offer an immersive experience that develops their practical perspective while refining their learning journey.

Passionate Faculty

Our courses are taught by experienced faculty and industry experts who are committed and dedicated to delivering high quality teaching and research across all engineering disciplines.

Cutting-Edge Programmes

The range of degree courses we offer are rooted in basic sciences and are designed to develop the understanding of scientific principles and methods, analytical ability and rigour in a student. Through our education, we prepare engineers of the future with skills and know-how they need to manage the rapid changes of the 21st century.

Civil Engineering
Develop skills to design, create and maintain buildings and infrastructure.
Mechanical Engineering
Learn to conceive, design, manufacture and operate engineering systems.
Information Technology
Integrate and manipulate software and databases to suit industry needs.
Electrical Engineering
Get thorough with the inner workings of electrical devices and systems.
Computer Engineering
Train to design ground-breaking technologies that drive businesses.
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